Du är bättre än du vet, mycket större än du vet


Formuleringar som får mig att rysa.
"Jag såg alla sorters änglar
Hörde mamma snyftande be
Jag såg gamar cirkulera
Kände Guds hand sträckas ner
men jag ville inte förstå

Ge mig salt och lite sol
Jag gör allt för lite mod

Jag vill ha dig, ha dig
Jag vill bara ha dig, ha dig
till att vilja ha mig!" 
" Take me out tonight
Because I want to see people and I
Want to see life
Driving in your car
Oh, please don't drop me home
Because it's not my home, it's their
Home, and I'm welcome no more
And if a double-decker bus
Crashes into us
To die by your side
Is such a heavenly way to die
And if a ten-ton truck
Kills the both of us
To die by your side
Well, the pleasure - the privilege is mine
Oh There Is A Light And It Never Goes Out"
" Och vi såg på de unga och glömska, i båtar och i varandras armar
och tänkte "skuld och lidande väntar på er fortfarande"

Jag har gått på knä så många år i den här staden
men jag svär att jag hörde Frälsningsarmén sjunga om att lämna allt
bakom sig, första gången jag såg dig
Och jag svär att jag hörde lastbilar från E4:an dundra förbi där utanför
natten vi kysste all skit vi gått igenom här adjö
Men den gamla goda tiden, nu kommer den aldrig tillbaka
men jag svär att varenda fyllo på varenda bänk i varenda hörn
hälsade på oss, natten jag fann dig
Och jag svär att jag aldrig sett stjärnorna tydligare ovanför
natten vi kysste all skit vi gått igenom här adjö
"It was in the march of the winter I turned seventeen
That I bought those pills
I thought I would need
And I wrote a letter to my family
Said it's not your fault
And you've been good to me
Just lately I've been feeling
Like I don't belong
Like the ground's not mine to walk upon
And I've heard that music
Echo through the house
Where my grandmother drank
By herself
And I sat watching a flower
As it was withering
I was embarrassed by its honesty
So I'd prefer to be remembered as a smiling face
Not this fucking wreck
That's taken its place

So please forgive what I have done
No you can't stay mad at the setting sun
Cause we all get tired, I mean eventually
There is nothing left to do but sleep

But spring came bearing sunlight
Those persuasive rays
So I gave myself a few more days
My salvation it came, quite suddenly
When Justin spoke very plainly
He said "Of course it's your decision,
But just so you know,
If you decide to leave,
Soon I will follow"

I wrote this for a baby
Who has yet to be born
My brother's first child
I hope that womb's not too warm
Cause it's cold out here
And it'll be quite a shock
To breathe this air
To discover loss
So I'd like to make some changes
Before you arive
So when your new eyes meet mine
They won't see no lies
Just love.
Just love.

I will be pure
No, no, I know i will be pure
Like snow, like gold"

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